Top Business Travel Apps for 2022

According to research by the Global Business Travel Association, more than 1.3 million business trips are taken every day in the US alone.

If you run your own business, you’re no stranger to the obstacles and hassles that come hand in hand with your business trips. Luckily, in the digital age, there’s an app for everything.

Today, we take a deep dive into some of 2021’s best apps that have been specifically designed to make business travel easier for you and your colleagues.

Let’s get started!



1. DocuSign

Got a lot of important documents, contracts, and paperwork to carry along with you on your business trip? DocuSign is designed to make this process easier for you, by allowing you to sign these documents electronically.

Some of its main features include electronic signatures, payments, contract lifecycle management, guided forms, document generation, clickwraps, contract negotiation, contract analytics, and electronic notarization.

It allows you to draft documents that are legally binding through your electronic device, giving you and the other party the option to sign from your personal devices. Further, you can forward this along to another colleague for approval or review. Its focus on encryption ensures safety and security for important documents.


2. Jetzy

Business travel doesn’t always have to be all business. If you find yourself free for a night, you’re going to want to make the most of it. Jetzy allows you to do just that by pairing you experiences that you’re most likely to enjoy.

Additionally, if you’re in the mood for some company, you can also make use of Jetzy’s chat option that allows you to connect with fellow travelers. Ask them for recommendations, arrange to meet up, and get real-time reviews from people with the same interests as you!


3. TripIt

As a frequent traveler, you have no doubt found yourself struggling to keep track of all your various travel-related emails. Hotel invoices, flight tickets, housing agreements, and more are scattered across your inbox.

TripIt auto-scans your emails to compile all travel emails and plans in one, convenient, accessible location. Upgrade to the business plan to get the most out of this app on your next business trip.


4. Google Translate

Going to a different country, but don’t speak the language? Don’t worry, Google Translate has got you covered.

Type in what you want to say, or simply use your microphone to say it, and Google will translate it into the language you want. If you’re unable to read a sign on the street, you can even take a photograph that Google will then translate for you.

The best part is that you don’t have to rely on WiFi or unreliable networks. Select your preferred language, download the translation library while in your corporate hotel room and the app will serve you well, even while you’re offline.


5. Concur

Business travel can be hard enough, and keeping track of your business expenses is an additional burden no one wants to bear. Concur’s software allows you to take pictures of all your travel-related receipts while filing them away for you when you need them.

You can collect all the information you need to make your reimbursements easier and more systematic. Additionally, the app also allows you to create simple processes for your business. This includes allowing you to approve and keep track of payments made by and to your employees.



DUFL allows you to reduce the amount of luggage you carry along for your business trip. Once you sign up for its services, it sends you a large suitcase. You have to fill it up with clothes you normally wear on your business trips.

After this, the suitcase will go straight to their warehouse. These clothes are then photographed, cleaned, and added to their inventory. You now have a virtual closet.

The next time you’re going on a business trip, you simply pick out the clothes you want from your virtual closet, and DUFL will deliver them to you at your hotel. After you’re done, your clothes are picked up at your convenience.



A trip to a new, unfamiliar airport can feel like a daunting experience. When your job calls for frequent trips to strange locations, you’re going to need a bit of assistance to catch your flights in time and find your way around.

FLIO gives you all the information you need to navigate almost any airport with ease. Make your way to baggage claim, find the right restaurants, and reach your gates before the last call. You’ll save time, and ensure that you never get lost at an airport again.


8. XE Currency

Traveling to a new country for your business trip? Stay on top of currency exchange rates, and set alerts for your desired rates to get updates in real-time, with XE Currency.

Not only can you check for real-time currency rates, but you can also send money globally and track your transfers.


Making Business Travel a Breeze

Business travel might seem like a chore, but these apps can help take the stress off with their simple, and efficient interfaces.

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