Corporate Lodging

We offer furnished corporate lodging solutions for business travelers and teams worldwide looking for housing & logistics support for their next project.


Corporate Apartments

Our furnished lodging and travel solutions are personalized to fit the needs of you and your team while you’re away from home. Our options are all-inclusive and include everything you’ll need.

24/7/365 Support Team

Lodging Logistics

We offer more than the actual lodging needed for your project. We also manage all the logistics behind shift changes, turnarounds, work orders, rosters, and cleaning at no additional cost. This helps ensure you save time and money while using our services.

Why Choose THS?

Single Point of Contact

We'll be your single point of contact for you and your team anywhere in the world. Our team will be there to fulfill requests or concerns and communicate with your team 24/7.

Choice of Property

We work with the property of your choice worldwide. This gives our clients flexibility and savings when choosing where to stay. You can also take advantage of our existing hotel and lodging partnerships to save even more.

Customized, On-time Billing

Completely customized, accurate, and on-time billing means you can quickly and efficiently complete necessary job-costing and recover costs in a timely fashion. We create a billing option that is customized to fit your needs.

Big Business Capabilities

We've worked with all types and sizes of companies over the years. We know it takes a lot to keep your employees efficient and reachable when they are away from the office.

Supply Chain Management

We leverage and manage relationships coast-to-coast with apartment companies, furniture companies, cleaning services, and utility providers to offer an efficient and hassle-free experience.

Scalable and Replicable

We're ready to help teams of any size find a affordable travel solutions. We'll put together options that cater to your situation and our solutions are fully scalable to your needs.

Simplified Processes

We created a streamlined process to help you and your team have a stress free experience. Our team will send you tailored move-in packets, have 24-hour accessibility, and send accurate invoicing to save your team time and money.

Just-in-time Approach

We know your time is valuable. If you need accommodations fast, just call us today and our team will find solutions that meets your schedule and budget.

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Find Housing Anywhere

We provide accommodations and short-term rentals anywhere in the worldWe’ve helped teams find housing in over 30 countries, and that number is growing every day. We provide safety, comfort, and cost savings in every stay we give to each of our clients.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Corporate lodging is furnished, short term housing that is rented out on a temporary basis. This type of housing is mainly used for traveling employees who need a place to stay while away from home.

The main benefits of booking a corporate apartment, condo, or property for your next stay are the following:

Fully furnished – Corporate housing includes everything you’ll need when you’re away from home including high-speed internet, furniture, appliances, and housewares.

All-inclusive – You’ll pay one flat rate when booking with us. Each apartment includes the utilities, cable, cleaning, and internet in your rate. THS also manages the logistics behind shift changes, turnarounds, work orders, and roster management at no additional cost.

Flexibility – Corporate apartments provide more flexibility than traditional means. Whether you need a place to stay for 30 days, or 6 months we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to create housing options that meet your needs.

We don’t hold static inventory like most corporate housing companies. We work with property owners, asset managers, and third-party corporate housing companies to find housing options that work best for you and your team.

We provide worldwide lodging accommodations for individuals, families, large military deployments, oilfield crews, IT professionals, international travelers, DOD contractors, sports teams, construction crews, etc.

THS corporate housing will include everything you’ll need while you are away from home. Each apartment will include at the very least, the following:

• A 339-Point Quality Inspection prior to move-in.

• Fully functional living quarters.

• A full and modern furniture and housewares package.

• Complete kitchen appliances.

• Utilities and telecommunications (WIFI and cable) package.

• 24/7/365 guest services and reservations.

• Consolidated invoicing

Yes! The rates we provide our clients are all-inclusive. We make it easy for teams with one convenient invoice. Our housing rates are at or below per diem and don’t include hidden fees or charges like other housing providers.