We provide workforce housing utilizing hotels, apartments, homes, and camps. Get crew-focused features like roster management to help you keep track and manage your team while away from home.

Single Point of Contact

Every place your company works, we work. So one phone call to your THS point of contact is the only finger you'll have to lift for lodging.

Roster Management

Get designated room numbers and dates for each employee. You'll know exactly what each room is paying by simply looking at the backup on each invoice.

Customized & Accurate Billing

Our accounting department caters to your company's specific coding and invoicing batching requirements to make your job costing easier.

Staffed 24/7/365

We won't leaving you hanging on weekends and holidays. We have trained personnel available by phone and email, no matter what.

Scalable and Replicable

We have a track record of scaling to hundreds (or even thousands) of rooms on short notice bringing the same quality to every guest.

Why Book with Us?

Team Housing Solutions has over 26 years of experience providing lodging solutions worldwide. We help our clients find the perfect lodging options that meet their needs and budget.

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