Large Group Hotel Logistics

Hotel Accommodations

As a certified travel supplier, THS has global networks and partnerships with all the major chains, offering clients a wide variety of hotel options.

Our Clients Enjoy:

Dedicated Support 24/7

Our travel experts will be your main point of contact during your hotel stay. Our dedicated service team has got you covered with rate negotiation, reservations, security, consolidated billing, turnaround, crew rosters, and reporting support. Our teams will be available 24/7 to care for all your travel and support needs. 

Hotel Spend Reduction

By utilizing our global networks and partnerships, we give you access to Team Housing Solutions’ wide variety of options. We use our volume, experience, hospitality expertise, and knowledge of the area to your advantage! Team Housing Solutions also offers extensive cost-savings with hotels and travel accommodations.

Main Features

Competitive Rates

We have negotiated rates with the top hotel chains across the world to bring you and your team the best rates on your next trip.

Reservations Flexibility

Do you need to stay longer than expected, or need to check out early? Team Housing has your back 24/7 with flexible reservation options on every stay.

Travel Group Management

Whether traveling with a big team or you're a lone wolf, our scalable solutions help teams of all sizes find the perfect hotel accommodations.

Roster Management

Get designated room numbers and dates for each employee. You'll know exactly what each room is paying by simply looking at the backup on each invoice.

Location Options

Our worldwide hotel partnerships help our teams find the perfect solutions for you and your team no matter where you'll be next.

Contactless Check-ins

We want to keep our customers safe, especially during this uncertain time. We've made the check-in process completely safe and secure.

Meeting and Event Solutions

We know it can be tough finding the right event location. From small business meetings to large company events, we'll find the perfect solution that meets your needs.

Wallet Friendly Options

We have an extensive selection of hotel lodging options to choose from. These range from budget friendly to 5-star exclusive properties.

Keep Your Rewards

We know collecting and using your rewards points are important to you. That's why your hotel rewards and benefits stay with you on each stay with us.