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Property Name

Pike Motorworks


Welcome to Pike Motorworks The Pike Motorworks Building will bring a new level of high-quality, luxury apartment homes to Capitol Hill. The apartments' floor-to-ceiling windows brighten any Seattle day while the spacious floor plans and reclaimed timber details harken back to an era when attention to detail was the norm. At the ground, the buildings are anchored by an unmatched collection of local eateries, neighborhood bars and shops. At the site's core is a grand open-air brick plaza that connects pedestrians from Pike to Pine and Harvard to Boylston. The project's buildings will be a highly detailed celebration of the historic Capitol Hill auto-row. The primary entry meets Pike Street at a grand, south-facing outdoor patio with tables for dining. When the skies are clear, the patio's southern exposure will be a hit. And when the sun sets, festival lighting will make sure the fun goes on into the night. If you'd like to make Pike Motorworks your home, or home for your local shop, contact us today.

Floor Plans
  • 2 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 0 Sq ft
  • 1 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 0 Sq ft

Pike Motorworks


714 E Pike Street,Seattle WA 98122, Seattle, WA 98122