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Radius...urban south lake union apartments.. Coming Fall 2015! Radius everywhere you turn. You're into details. You're smart and self-motivated. You're a natural problem solver and you make it happen. Living in South Lake Union means immediate access to mass transit, craft beer, artisan cuisine and a killer music scene. Walking to everything isn't just a luxury, it's a way of life - and living at Radius means more time to ride your bike, walk your dog, go for a hike or paddleboard on the lake. It's Seattle on your terms - exactly the way it's supposed to be.

Floor Plans
  • 0 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 0 Sq ft
  • 2 Bedroom(s), 2 Bathroom(s), 0 Sq ft
  • 1 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 0 Sq ft



400 Boren Avenue,Seattle WA 98109, Seattle, WA 98109