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Property Name

San Mateo Forest


Huge Unique Floor Plans...Located In A Historical Neighborhood Five Minutes From Downtown Dallas and about 1 mile from White Rock Lake. We offer spacious floor plans from 450 to 2000 square feet. Each apartment was design unique from any other on the property. You've never been to a community like this one! We have the best maintenace team, and this is an owner-managed apartment complex.

Floor Plans
  • 0 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 915 Sq ft
  • 0 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 921 Sq ft
  • 2 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 540 Sq ft
  • 3 Bedroom(s), 2 Bathroom(s), 610 Sq ft
  • 1 Bedroom(s), 1 Bathroom(s), 463 Sq ft

San Mateo Forest


7110 San Mateo Boulevard,Dallas TX 75223, Dallas, TX 75223