Personnel Housing

for immigrant facilities

We provide safe and secure large-scale housing to personnel and displaced individuals utilizing hotels, apartments, and modular communities.

Main Features

Roster Management

Keep track of your team with designated room numbers and dates for each employee, which saves you time and money on every trip.

Scalable and Replicable

We're ready to help teams of any size find a housing solution. We'll put together options that cater to your situation and our solutions are scalable to your needs.

Safe and Secure

We provide safe and secure accommodations with secure check-ins, vetted properties, and 24/7 support.

Customized, On-time Billing

Completely customized, accurate, and on-time billing means you can quickly and efficiently complete necessary job-costing and recover costs faster.

Trusted Affiliates

We’ve partnered with reputable affiliates to provide turnkey services to areas in need.

Customizable Housing Options

Team Housing Solutions, a global lodging company, specializes in setting up large-scale personnel housing for staffs assisting with immigration and resettlement efforts. We have a proven track record across various industries and offer customizable options to fit your team’s needs.

Housing Solutions In Any Location

We know housing options are limited in certain areas. That’s why our team provides options that fit your needs no matter where you’ll be next. We also can build on-site housing structures for your team so the can be close to each project.

Experienced Housing Providers

Team Housing Solutions has over 26 years of experience providing lodging solutions worldwide. We help our clients find the perfect lodging options that meet their needs and budget.

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