PROJECT: Swap from Rapid Response to a Long Term Military Basecamp in Texas

CLIENT: Texas Military Department

TIMELINE: 55 days

LOCATION: South Texas

The Story

Upon award, THS had 55 days to phase out existing rapid response trailers being used to house soldiers and move in modular living quarters. The swap from trailers to dorms happened in 4 phases while saving costs to the TMD and creating as little inconvenience as possible to personnel on ground. The facility has been described as the “Flagship Basecamp” for the Texas Military Department and set the standard for operations. From dining facilities, offices, 24/7 gym, lounge, and library, the Basecamp has it all while having the comfort and lower cost fo a longer-term modular solution.


  • 715 beds amongst modular living quarters

  • 4 Serviced Meals a day

  • 24/7 Meals available

  • 5 Hard Sided Tent Structures

  • Infirmary

  • Library

  • Gym

  • Offices

  • Warehouse

  • Motor Pool for Military Vehicle Maintenance

Key Challenges

Aggressive schedule of 55 days to build out modular living quarters for 700+ people. Phasing out rapid response trailers and phasing in modular living quarters that were built on the same plat of land as the trailers previously were.

Our Hospitality Advantage

After the rapid response trailers were moved on site, THS worked to provide a more desirable long-term solution in terms of comfort and price for the client. THS worked directly with command on ground to ensure all personnel were aware of the swap and tracking the changes.