Workforce Housing

Team Housing solutions provides hotel, workforce housing (camp),
and apartment/house accommodations for any size crews.

Crew Focused Features

Single Point of Contact

We'll be your single point of contact for you and your team anywhere in the world. Our team will be there to fulfill requests or concerns and communicate with your team 24/7.

Roster Management

Get designated room numbers and dates for each employee. You'll know exactly what each room is paying by simply looking at the backup on each invoice.

Customized, On-time Billing

Completely customized, accurate, and on-time billing means you can quickly and efficiently complete necessary job-costing and recover costs in a timely fashion.

Simplified Processes

We created a streamlined process to help you and your team have a stress free experience. Our team will send you tailored move-in packets, have 24-hour accessibility, and send accurate invoicing to save your team time and money.

Scalable and Replicable

We're ready to help teams of any size find a corporate housing solution. We'll put together options that cater to your situation and our solutions are fully scalable to your needs.

Featured Properties

Why Book with Us?

Team Housing Solutions has over 26 years of experience providing lodging solutions worldwide. We help our clients find the perfect lodging options that meet their needs and budget.

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1 Mil+

Scalable Solutions for
Any Size Crew

No matter how big your crew is, Team Housing Solutions has proven techniques, years of experience, and a vast network of trusted partners to help you find the housing options that meet your needs and budget. We’ll be your teams’ main point of contact for all of their lodging needs.

24/7 Reservations
& Support

Our dedicated service team has your team covered with rate negotiation, reservations, security, consolidated billing, turnaround, crew rosters, and reporting support. Our teams will be available 24/7 to care for all your travel and support needs.